Dancing is important

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

The last few days have been somehow challenging, even more so than the period when we arrived here just a few months ago. I thought it would all go the other way around, but all changes are unpredictable and this one proved to be more unstable than I expected. I started out feeling ecstatic, every day brought a new challenge or a different part of the city to explore, not to mention that the days were filled out with ideas that flowed seamlessly to the surface. With job postings, a blog to write, a book to finish and a pole dancing to train, there was hardly any time left at the end of the day.

However, all good things do teach us something. They don’t come to an end as the songs say, but they do transform and change shape. Now, I wouldn’t say that my days are bad now, but they are not the same either. My daily routine remained quite fulfilling and rewarding, yet I suddenly feel a bitter taste in my mouth because the country, the friends I left behind, are calling me from afar. The sound reaches me with a powerful, loud voice and I became aware of the fact of just how much the things have changed and how big of a hole I have to fill. Searching for a job turned into a running spree because staying on the road bare and unprotected seems very frightening.

That same road to a solution, to a rewarding path, has led me to the past and my life as a dance instructor. While writing down endless applications and phrases like the administrative experience, knowledge about languages, customer service, and marketing skills I always feel like something is missing, like my work experience also has a weird hole inside. And then I do remember, with a fond, warm memory,  that I have 6 years of experience being a Dance instructor- salsa and pole dance teacher who had an incredible privilege to meet new people, passionate enthusiasts with the same love for rhythm and movement.

But, I discard this, sometimes by following the advice of other professionals and sometimes by following my own instinct, and I leave my CV empty and kind of bland. Whether this is a good idea or not remains to be seen, however, one thing is certain- these types of jobs were never considered important, or in other words, they rather stayed in shadows while being falsely perceived as easy and simply just hobby-oriented. Well, working in a dancing studio is different than working in an office, but it is hard to make a comparison and say which one is more important and whether the accomplishments are equally valuable. I simply don’t know, what do you think? I am inclined toward the option that all depends on where we want to establish ourselves, prove our worth, so I would say that all we invest our effort in has a tremendous value as well as potential.

At the moment, I do leave out most of my dance knowledge and experience. I am researching the market and I live in the hope that I will find a niche that will accept what I can give. Every hobby we do, whether as teachers or students, reflect on who we truly are and where our passions hide, and this is something we can certainly be proud of. I know I am, regardless of where my dancing skills are stored at the moment.


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